Consulting for Service Industory

It is all about the "ENERGY".

Each and everything in this world is made out of ENERGY.

Table and chair, color and shape, sound and space,,,,, and your word and the body language you are making unconsiously,,,,,

All of them are emitting the specific messages, and those messages reach not only our physical sight but also our internal sight, our phyche.

No matter if we really understand what ENERGY is, or if we can translate these subtle vibrations into words, the the fact is the same , we are sending the certain vibrations to the world, as well as we are effected by the vibrations we receive from the world sorrounds us.



It might more make sence to you if i ask you to see it this way.

"Have you ever experienced to meet your friend after stressing your day at work, you immediately feel her/his presence cheering you up and making you feel to be free from all the concerns of your work ? "

"Can you imagine how relaxing would that be to lit a candle, looking up the dark sky and stars from the window, sinking your body into the cussions with a cup of warm cinamon chai ?"

or, on the other hand,

"Have you met someone that really irritates you no matter if she/he does or doesn`t anything to you ?"

"You have found a beautiful resort, and it looked perfect for your next holiday. But once you are gone, something didn`t make you feel happy.  All facilities are the exact same as the pictures in their website you have seen, but something is missing for you to love this place..."


Yes, we are living in the field of energies.



Your Material Success through applying the Subtle Energy to your Service

 You may already be getting the picture how it works.

Tangible and non tangible, all are Energy, are the living informations.
So each energy works on us for pulling closer or keep us at a distance.

If you are running a restrant, what speak to the customors are not only the variety of the menu and the level of the foods, but also the quolities and uniquness of the service, attentiveness of the waiters/waitresses, musics you play, and how you desplay each tables and so on.

If you are having a resort, you would need to have more expanded views, such as activities you offer to guests depending on the terget you have, check if all workers carry the same picutre to represent your vision , if your website truely conguent with the service you offer from the point of view of the energetic message people receive and so on.

The success of your service depends on mastering this 2 points.


  1. Difine the concept / intention / message (= enegery) you wnt to offer to the customors through your service
  2. Assimilate each and every aspects of your service to the concept / intention / message you have chosen


The success will be promissed by shaping the vision and terget cleary at your heart and make everything refrects your heart vision, both material / tangible level and subtle / nontangible level.

Not all the customors can language what attract them to choose your service, or pinpoint the reasons consiously why they won`t choose your service, but the result would be the same. We can not manipulate the energy.


Having a transformational counseling would be an eye opening for you, and once you get it, you can be confident for your success, without making any compromise.



The flow for Your Success and True Fulfillment by Manifesting Your Vision 



What is the concept of the service ? What is your vision and true offering through the service ? What is the situations and difficulties you have been facing, and what is the goal you want to achieve ?
Let me hear all you have.


I am going to investigate deeply , from both material / tangible level to subtle / nontangible level, and give you all the informations for details as you can make it to your undersntad.
You will be encouraged to know clearly for what the ascpect you already have as assets as the strong magnet to attract people to choose your service, what you can even more develop confidently, as well as you would be offered the moments of awareness what sabotages your success.


Now, the most exsiting and creative part.
I am going to help you to heal all what doesn`t refrect your vision and the message of your service, and find a appropariate alternative. You would be in charge of the transformations.



The finishing touch.
When we are approaching the end of all the process above,  you might want to ask some more questions to comfirm how to continue your journey through your service, or you may want me to go through the reading again to check the difference as before, and give you and workers the clear directions.




It is my joy to apply my detective eyes for good, to offer my wide range sences to bridge the world of matter and energy.

This theory can be applied in any service industories, but i specially love to serve for people in the service related with nature, healing, relaxation, health and spirituality as it is the intention of my own too.

Please feel free to write me and let me know about you and your dream.
I would be honored if i can be your support.





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