1I  am working in the fied of healing and spirituality over 17 years and I have developed the ability to read people`s energetic system and interpret the data, that their energy produces.


I am known as a spiritual director, medical intuitive, healer and shaman.


In the early stage of my career, my focus was the unfoldment of people`s spirit and not in the realm of the physical body.Most people who come to see my were wanting to hear their spiritual vocation or to receive their interior "map
" so that they could better create their life. There were not so many people who came with physical issues.



Later on in my readings, I started to see people`s "being" as a larger picture that included the physical body.And as if in response to this, people started to come to see me to heal their emotional wounds and to overcome their traumas that were affecting their state of physical health. They were aware that unless they heal these issues, they would be unable to fulfill their spiritual vocation or for their innate special qualities to blossom. Some came with issues associated with and emotional imbalance such as eating disorders or suicidal tendencies and these people were the ones I found could mostly benefit my work now.


Within the last couple of years my readings began to more strongly include the physical body and my work began to bridge between body and spirit, between matter and energy. I am now convinced that interconnection of spiritual, emotional and physical cannot be denied.


I am already had many experiences in my work where clients have improved their health, curing illness and mitigating symptoms. These experiences is shared in my case files that are in the article " The time of reflection : for receiving insight from your body through your heart " .


I am very talented in the field of medical intuition. Not only can I accurately read what is happening in their body and spirit but I am also able to support clients to heal themselves and is able to guide their whole healing process.


As I have owned my own salon in Tokyo and my mother language is Japanese, most of my work has been shared with Japanese people. However as my passion has grown to follow my own vocation intensely to serve people, the more I heard a calling to go abroad and expand my service internationally. More recently I have been serving people on a 1 on 1 basis and by facilitating workshops and retreats all around the world including Greece, India and Bali.


Quite recently I started to give sessions on distance. The distant sessions have gone very successfully as I am able to connect with the client`s energy after they have answered several survey. I can then send the healing from where I am as well as sending the result to their reading either via text or audio.


My focus is not on investigating possible illness or diagnosing illness. I believe western medicine has developed so much that they are best equipped in this filed. But as our physical body is part of our whole being as well as our emotion, mind ,soul and spirit are, my intention is still to serve people simply through listening to the messages and information their bodies emit and with compassion help people to acknowledge and accept who and what they are no matter what new information is found.


As a medium and a shaman, I see my role is to serve as a bridge to what is seen and unseen, what is conscious and unconscious. I do this by listening to what is buried, ignored, unnoticed. It can be said, I see the client as a hologram, and takes an energetic X-Ray of the client to see their whole picture.


Due to the nature of healing, healing occurs when true acceptance with compassion is present, so my role continues as an intuitive healer when I verbalizes and gives insight to what has not previously been seen. This new information could create many reactions in the client such as shock, rejection, emotional explosion or depression. The intelligence of our body would normally allow the new information to gradually surface in a right and orderly fashion, with only an amount she/he can handle at one time. It therefore becomes critical how the client should receive new information from the person who bridges them. The capability and skill of the person to carry out this sensitive process is of paramount importance in order to guide clients to go through the process as safe and loving as possible with their integrity.


According to each client`s openness and within a safe parameter, I would do the reading, and translate their energetic impression. This energetic impression is beyond the 5 senses so I am able to translate this into language that our 5 senses can perceive. This information is then shared with the client.


What I offer through my work carries the potential to fully transform every aspect of the client , including their physical / emotional / mental and spiritual dimensions. A client once commented about my work , he made this in a beautiful and poetic way, "Eri goes deeper, not like an ax into wood, but like water into sand.", my ability to hold a client`s space with compassion and understanding allow each client to journey with a sense of acceptance and respect.


According to the needs and intention of each client, I would direct the journey that best suits them. If a client exhibits a traumatic wound that needs to be healed and is ready to go into it, I would help them to transform the wounds and pain into wisdom. This is done by guiding them to realign with their spirit and fragmented energy so they are once again whole and fully present. For particular clients who are holding resistance and have difficulty entering their journey due to some blockages, instead of pushing them harder, I would start by guiding them to connect with a specific point within them where they can feel sage and then slowly deepen their journey.


Many illnesses occur due to the consequence of investing our energies to where there are not present and that part of our biology will pay the price.


Many people can receive benefits by working with their issues and illness consciously in a holistic way and by having a deeper understanding.


This not only helps to preventing the manifestation of further illness and imbalances within us but also us to start creating our well being by fulfilling our passions through our innate potentials now known to us. This can bring about a new way of living and seeing ones new life as living in awe of what is.


My intention is to best assist people no matter what the cases are. I am happy to work with both people who have already manifested issues on the physical / emotional  / mental / spiritual level as well as people who want to work on themselves to expand their consciousness for their entire life.
This is the best spiritual service I can offer by sharing the information that they are emitting energetically and assisting the process to welcome this into their heart as compassionately as possible and guides their journey in order to align their spirit and body.


May your inner light shine brightly.
May your love manifest heaven on earth...

Eri Imamura





Clients`s Voice

Long after the pain from wounds is gone, the scars remain... The body, with all the visible and invisible scars, seems to be the manifestation of the whole life that has passed by... And maybe, of that which is yet to come... Yet to be discovered. In the highly charged atmosphere of Arambol, an elegant looking little lady glides past me adorning a heart-warming smile. Her gentle voice immediately soothes my troubled soul and something in me tells me I need her touch.With my painful twisted ankle, I walk to her for relief and she compassionately agrees for a session. Meeting Eri was no less than a miracle, and the session that followed was a glimpse of divinity. Talking to me in her caressing voice, like that of a mother, of a beloved, of the God/Goddess, she takes me gently on a journey I had been fearing to go on my own. After years I could feel my wary heart opening and I could listen to the murmurs and cries of my weary body. She gently reveals the truth of my own pine embodiment, and for once I could see hope yet again. I could see trust arising again. She goes deeper, not like an axe into wood, but like water into sand. And though my mind had rejected the possibility of any more divine interventions, the intelligent body drew itself to the higher and the subtler on its own accord and Eri is the medium whom it trusted... I was deeply touched. I look forward to continue this journey with her and i wish more of humanity can benefit through the divinity of her beautiful gifted being. With love and gratitude, i bow down to the divine in her and in me.

Sw. Dev Naman    India


Dear Eri ! It was really wonderful to get from you pine messages full of love and support ! You gave me good advices and showed me the way healing of my heart and transformation relationship in my family for better life and energetically healing to my son Anton. Thank you very much from all my heart and from all my whole family !  With love

Angelika    Russia


My session with Eri was totally amazing . She has à beautiful unwavering presence whichhelped me to settle in my own divine presence . Once home Eri with great sensitivity helped awaken insight into where and what I was not connecting . With this insight came great relief and acceptance . I remain feeling deeply relaxed and grateful from the session . This was an empowering experience for me on my journey and I will always feel blessed from this chance meeting with Eri .

Scott    Australia


The session with Eri was gentle and magical. She has very very nice energy. And in the same time it was so strong and powerful. This beautiful session made me silent. Thank you Eri. Сессия с Эри наполеенра волшебством и мягкостью. У Эри нежная и прекрасная энергия, но в тоже время сильная и мощная. Эта прекрасная сессия, слова Эри от высших сил отзывались у меня в сердце

Katia   Russia


Taken by complete surprise and with deepest gratitude, Eri’s kindest Aura Soma Reading opened my life up once again. After 8 years of suddenly transporting my free spirited/ traveling around the world single life into a responsibility ridden married life in the busiest New York City, I feel for the first time the natural easiness of life has returned again.
In the 10 years since we met in India, Eri has surprisingly deepened herself through immense compassion for life, people and existence. I admire how such wisdom, tenderness, and purity could come so naturally in one’s life through her Aura Soma Reading into me…….
Eri is in Bali and I am in New York……10 years we have not met in person, connecting only with occasional short chats on FB…….Once we were such intimate fellow travelers in India for a few short weeks. Now we are on 2 far ends of the world……..
When we first set up the distant Aura Soma Reading, I had my doubts……Not only was it distant (a very far distance), but also because I’ve met numerous energy readers, psychic readers on my spiritual journey……….
I thought Aura Soma Reading was only limited to what its texts could cover, though at the same time, I also knew it could be deeper than just that because I have had many Aura Soma Readings done by many qualified. Nevertheless, I have never expected that upon Eri’s reading, a huge weight of life burden could depart just like that~ Effortlessly~
Never, have I experienced/ received this degree of helpful and liberating messages through any energy readers.
I think most energy/ psychic readers I have met so far are only capable of working with limited dimensions of one’s life due to their personal egos. Eri must be the new generation of divine messenger, young, unwaveringly strong, fresh, beautiful, loving and clean. And I am most grateful that the divine messages have finally found me through her.
After Eri’s kind Aura Soma Reading, many things are starting to flow again….. starting to come together and make more sense…..the fragrance of the existence seems to have transcended my long trapped confusion and frustration through Eri’s help.
Sometimes in life, we just can’t figure some things out though we try hard with many many things, sincerely wishing for some answers………….. In truth, Eri is the only one I have encountered so far that I can recommend to anyone who needs some little help in finding his/her way in life, little help in getting some “real” answers in life.
Thank you so much, Eri  ~ I feel relaxed with life once again~

Kaamini   Taiwan/New York









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