Namaste to you !

I am currently settled in Tegallalang.
Tegallalang is specially famous among Bali for its beautiful rice field view.

You may have seen them in postcard or guidebook.

I would like to present you a series of CHAKRA TALK from this amazing place,
and 2nd Chakra is going to be the entrance for our time diving into our energetical anatomy.


2nd chakra is the source of our creativity and joy as well as all feelings and emotions are generated in this area.

It is also the center which all our pain / shock / trauma can be absorbed and held.

When we suffer for “energetical comspitation”, we would feel a lack of joy, difficulty to give birth any ideas, loss of sexual intrests, or we might find our selves depressive.



How can we maintain this center in balance ?

How can we connect with joy and experience everyday life through a fresh eyes ?



I hope you can find some inspiration from the talk I present to you today.

feel free to contact me for any questions / comments / requests !





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love and light