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If you yearn to live from your full potential or to walk on the true spiritual path with integrity, I am very happy that you are visiting SACRED TEMPLE where you will receive a lot of inspirations and empowerment.
I am a spirirtual director, healer and medical intuitive.

I am here to serve those who are willing to embody the divinity of their spirit through their body.
Imbalances can be manifested within us in numerous ways such as physical / emotional / mental/ or spiritual disorders.


I believe that all the voices that surface from the deepest core of our being are indicators that deep down something is wrong and this is our inner yearning to bring ourselves back into balance.

It is a inner crisis for us if we are not able to see the purpose of our life and to awaken to the richness of life in a true sense.

We get lost and become dis-eased when our energies are entangled with something harmful or draining or
when our spirit could not stand dwelling in our body during traumatic incidences.

The truth is that all experiences we are given through our entire life are designed to stimulate our growth and awakening.

Each single encounter and each single event is offering us the oppotunity for empowerment.

What I passionately offering for those who are willing to awaken to the true purpose of their life is a journey of transformation which will encompass every aspect of themselves.
No matter where you are now, your enormous potential that shines within you can be revealed and I invite you to enter the mysteries that you are.

It is so exciting for me to see the people start living with more empowerment and more awareness for themselves and their life.



You may resonate to deepen your true spiritual journey through Divine Embodiment Healing.

Or, if you have some consider regarding to your children, Divine Child Healing would bring you and your child a great help.

With the grace of Divine, I am looking forward to serve you very soon.


May your inner light shine brightly.
May your love manifest heaevn on earth...



Eri Imamura  ( → pro












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